Psychology services include diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and management of minor psychiatric conditions and disorders.

Conditions and disorders include:

  • Acute and post-traumatic stress disorders;
  • Depressive and anxiety disorders;
  • Sleep and circadian rhythm, body dysmorphic (self-image) and eating disorders;
  • Intimate and family relationship problems.
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Specialist Services

Counselling and therapy services aimed at:

  • Teenagers, adults, and adult couples;
  • FIFO/ DIDO mining and construction workers and their family members;
  • Veterans and and ex-service personnel and their family members;
  • Bodybuilders, fitness figure and bikini competitors.

Appointment Hours:

  • Tuesday to Friday between 9 am (first appointment) and 7 pm (last appointment).
  • One hour appointments on the hour.
  • Sessions are by appointment only and booked online via this website (please go here to book now). Please email if you experience a problem with booking online.