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Medicare Rebates
You are eleigible for a Medicare rebate if you were referred by your treating GP and he/she completed a Better Access to Mental Health Care plan.

How do I pay?

When billed you can either:

• Pay the full amount of the consultation and use your detailed receipt to claim a Medicare rebate (A receipt will be sent you via email to your PC or Smart Phone); or

• Pay the difference between the Medicare rebate and the total account amount, and then claim the rebate from Medicare to forward to the psychologist later; or

• Claim from Medicare using your unpaid account.

Claiming Medicare rebates
You can claim a Medicare rebate for psychology services via the Human Services website here. The rebate will be deposited into your bank account once you have established an Medicare online account.

Once you have a Medicare online account, you can also use the Express Plus Medicare app to complete your Medicare business.

If you can’t submit your Medicare claim using your Medicare online account, you can submit it:

Note: No bulk billing is provided from 1 January 2015.